E-Patrimoines Africains

Project, URL: https://e-patrimoinesafricains.org/patrimoinesafricains/


Africa’s been famous by the huge diversity of its cultural heritage, which has attracted many admirers and curious people since a very long time. E-Patrimoines Africains is a website which is talking about african cultural heritage, country by country. This platform was designed by the Department of European and International Affairs of the Directorate General of Heritage in partnership with the Africa Unit of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and with the technical support of the World Francophone Digital University (UNFM).The website is available in French.

The site has been built using the most up to date technologies like HTML 5, CSS 3. Wordpress has been the content management system of choice due to its extreme flexibility. During this project I worked with an other Web Developer to produce a website which has satisfied web-users and our customers.

More screenshots:
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